There are Discreet apartments in almost every city in Israel. It’s reasonable to assume that whenever you stop in a kiosk or as you drive in your car, you’ll pass by a large number of discrete apartments. The question is, how do you reach those places. True, you can get a recommendation from a friend, a cab driver, or even pick up one of the thousands of cards scattered all over the city. At USEX.co.il, we simplify the process and allow you to choose from among a wide selection of discrete apartments nationwide. Here you can locate discrete apartments by location, and set up a same-day thrilling and pleasuring meeting.

Make Your Fantasy Come True in Discreet apartments

A large number of men search for discrete apartments every day. Their goal is to ease off the pressures of daily life and have a different and thrilling experience that is unlike their grey, daily routine. Some of them even desire having their fantasy fulfilled. At USEX.co.il, you can meet women in all colors and shapes. Whether you’re looking for blondes, dark-skinned, Israeli natives, mature women, Ethiopians or others, they’re all within your reach.

Discrete Apartments Offer the Highest Level of Hospitality

The discrete apartments are at your service all day long and through the night. These apartments are accessorized in the most professional level imaginable. Most apartments have an accessorized kitchenette and especially intimate shared showers. There’s an option to call a service to your house, but it’s still best to go to discrete apartments. Visiting a discrete apartment, as opposed to a regular place, will grant you safety that cannot be matched by hotels or your home. The women you meet in these apartments are warm and personal, and provide the best and most intimate service you could imagine.

USEX.co.il gives you the opportunity to get a closer look at the discrete apartments. All you need to do is call them and set up a meeting on any day and at any time you like, in the location most preferable to you.

A Huge Variety of Discrete Apartments

You called a certain ad and there was no answer? They’re too busy to see you? No problem! You’re welcome to call the next ad in your area and set up a meet.

In your call, we recommend that you ask questions about your expectations, as to not end up disappointed.
For a more successful meeting, USEX.co.il has added the category Discrete Apartments Real Photos just for you.
This category displays discrete hostesses with verified photos, with whom you can set up a meeting.

What Are Discrete Apartments

Discrete apartments are places where you can get to know someone one on one.
The purpose of such meeting is to have just you and the girl in front of you in the apartment, with nobody around, unlike the various spas.
A meeting in a discrete apartment gives you maximum privacy, which most of us deem important.
In addition to and as a result of such privacy, discrete apartments will grant you an intimate meeting you won’t find anywhere else.
This privacy, and the fact that you’re with a pleasant, attractive girl, will make you forget everything that floods you everyday.

Discrete Apartments – What Happens While I’m Inside?

During your meeting with the girl, you can get a sensual and pleasant massage, take a show, get to know one another and talk.
In fact, you can meet with someone who is just like your girlfriend. You and the girl in front of you can listen to music together, drink something you brought with you (in case you’re both interested of course) and more.
The options are limitless.

How Long is a Meeting in a Discrete Apartment?

The meet up can be one hour long, two hours or more. It depends, among others, on the chemistry between you and the girl, or the time you set in advance.
There are also cases where the girl has free time, and there’s a lot of chemistry, and the meeting can grow longer.
Like everything in life, even when you’re a client, chemistry is the name of the game and it can do wonders. If we take it even further, there are cases, quite a few of them, where an intimate relation has developed beyond client-service provider relations. Such relations can be temporary or can lead to real relationships.
Though you’re dating a service provider, all relationship rules still apply.

Who Do I Meet in Discrete Apartments?

In a discrete apartment meeting you have the option of meeting women from varied backgrounds. Obviously, before setting up the meeting, you should find a woman who you like according to several parameters.
There are those who would find that more mature and experienced women are more attractive and fascinating. There are of course those who would prefer younger women.
Age is not the only factor here, of course; ethnicity is one too. There are those who would rather meet with Israeli who speak fluent Hebrew and are not immigrants. On the other hand, there are those who would necessarily prefer women from other countries, who would be more attractive to them.

Where Can I Find Discrete Apartments?

Discrete apartments can be found all over the world, and obviously, all over Israel: in the Center, the North, the South and in Jerusalem.
It can be said with caution that you could also find a discrete hostess in most cities in Israel.
Also, and this is where the big-city rule applies, as the city gets bigger and more developed, with more developed entertainment and business areas, the selection you can choose from gets wider.
In case you’re living in the city with a low selection of private hostesses, you can always set up a meeting in another area.
It is important that you remember, everyone’s time is expensive, and we all spend time on preparations before any meeting. Therefore, when you’re setting up a meeting in a discrete apartment, the girl readies before your arrival, and therefore it is important to arrive on time.
She will probably take a shower, put on some perfume, fix up the place and more, all to make your stay feel more comfortable, clean and pleasant.
If you happened to set up such meeting, take the meeting’s time seriously, be there on time and try not to cancel at the last minute.

Am I Supposed to Bring Something to a Meeting in a Discrete Apartment?

First of all, you should come clean and tidy, but obviously the apartment has a clean shower with bathroom amenities, in case it’s not possible for you to take a shower before.
It’s important to know that the level of chemistry between you and the girl can be greatly based on your level of care. So, if you want a thrilling and more interesting meeting, it’s always best that you put a little effort and come to the meeting with basic care and hygiene.
Additionally, you’re welcome to ask before the meeting whether she is interested in something. You can bring wine with you, chocolate, certain foods, or whatever can make the atmosphere more pleasant.
Small gestures will always be accepted kindly, in any type of meeting.

How Early Should I Set Up a Meeting in Discrete Apartments?

In most cases, it’s recommended that you call on the same day you wish to meet up, and it’s best that you call a few hours ahead.
In case you’re coming from a remote area, it’s recommended that you call a day ahead juts to make sure that the girl will be available for you in the hours you’re there.
Obviously, you can and are always welcome to call every ad, in case you found yourself in the area without planning ahead.
It’s reasonable to assume that you’ll find more than one hostess, particularly in the big cities, who will be able to see you “from here to now”.

Is There a Record or Documentation of Me in Discrete Apartments?

The answer is absolutely not. As their name implies, discrete apartments are discrete. Service providers know that privacy is more important to you than anything, so there is no form of visit documentation.
Unless you choose to exchange contact information and see each other again, no one but you and the hostess will know the meeting ever happened.

I Sometimes See Sex Ads Scattered All Over the City, Are Those Discrete Apartments?

Here also, the answer is absolutely not.
These ads largely advertise sex apartments, which are not recommended and might end in disappointment instead of a pleasant, refreshing meeting.

Okay, I’d Like to Set Up a Meeting in a Discrete Apartment, What Do I Need to Do?

We gathered a list of discrete hostesses for you on the USEX.co.il Board.
You’re welcome to call any ad and set up a pleasant meeting that would break your daily routine.
All discrete apartment ads on the USEX.co.il Board belong to a certain area in Israel. This way you can choose the place you’re most comfortable to meet in.

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